Amplitude is incredibly proud to have been a key supplier to Avon for both film and photography since 2015. Throughout our relationship with Avon, we’ve worked on everything from product photography and creative still life all the way up to video editing and animation.

For product photography, we worked with Avon’s creative teams to develop a bespoke, scalable solution that would ensure top quality across a range of styles. This included a tiered pricing system based on complexity and creativity, allowing Avon to manage their budgets against their desired creative outcomes.

In this case study, we’ll delve into some of the photography work we’ve done with Avon. This includes ecommerce and creative still life photography, as well as the ‘creative product’ and ‘product plus’ styles of photography we developed for Avon.


Creative Still Life photography is one step down from campaign photography, and seeks to imbue products with personality through careful use of props, colours, textures, and lighting.

For each CSL shoot, we collaborate with Avon’s Creative Directors to create and approve a moodboard well ahead of shooting. We develop prop lists and set requirements, and create lists of products to be shot.

Creative still life often requires the building of bespoke sets. These can be simple sets comprised of coloured or glass blocks, or intricate sets with plants and prop detailing.

We do test shoots to make sure we have a good handle on how to create the moodboard look and feel long before the shoot. Lighting is absolutely crucial to getting the right mood and feel, so we seek to nail this in advance.

As with campaign photography, we usually have Avon’s Creative Directors with us on shoot days, giving us rapid approval on compositions and lighting.


ECommerce photography is the workhorse of many brand websites. This style of photography gives potential customers their most detailed look at the products they might want to buy. We developed three tiers of eCommerce images: Standard, Creative Product, and Advanced Product.

Consistency is key in eCommerce photography, especially with a product range like Avon’s that includes small jewellery items, large apparel items, and everything in between. All three e-com photography options were designed to look consistent on their site, when more care and creativity placed on their hero products from the line with creative and advanced.

We worked with Avon to determine the best composition for each product type. We keep backgrounds and lighting consistent no matter which product is in front of the camera, and apply the same rigorous editing and quality checking process across all ranges.

The final step is colour matching, where we ensure the product colours shown in the finished shot are accurate to the colour of the real life product. It may sound simple, but accurate colour matching can have a significantly positive impact on return rates.





In 2021, Avon came across an unexpected roadblock. They needed the eye-catching quality of Creative Still Life photography but didn’t have space in their budgets for full multi-day shoots that included set building.

To help Avon figure out a way forward, our creatives launched into action, and came up with ‘Product Plus’.

Product Plus photography utilises the established compositions from our eCommerce work with Avon and combines them with simple textures and propping.

Each Product Plus shot is captured immediately after that product’s eCommerce shot. The camera, lighting, and composition remain the same, with props and textures added to enhance the look and feel of the shot.

The creation of the ‘Product Plus’ style meant we could provide Avon with eye-catching photography for use in their brochures at a significantly lower cost.


We look to drive efficiencies in all of our projects, and our Avon-Amplitude partnership is a great example of that.

In our Avon eCommerce projects, we’ve developed automated workflows, editing actions, and quality assurance processes to streamline our hands-on work.

This automation provides a better ROI for Avon, and means that we can spend more time making sure the final result is as good as it can be.

We also drive efficiency by taking ownership of as many different types of photography for the same ranges as possible. It’s more budget-efficient for us to capture eCommerce, Product Plus, and CSL right here in our Amplitude studio, as the project setup and product prep times are significantly reduced.

To date, we’ve captured more than 2,000 products for Avon, and their photography teams have been so pleased with our results that they’ve introduced us to other Avon departments. As a result, we now handle much of Avon’s video editing and animation work, and we’re looking forward to deepening this relationship further.