Creative Still Life – Avon

Avon is one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, with lines that include fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, and wellness products. In the UK, they reach six million women with their brochures every three weeks.

Amplitude has been a key photography supplier to Avon since 2015, providing product photography, creative still life, lifestyle photography, model photography, and retouching. Here you’ll see a selection of our favourite Creative Still Life shots, as featured in Avon’s magazines and website.

Creative Still Life photography sits between standard white-background product shots and more creative lifestyle or model shots. We use coloured and textured backgrounds paired with simple props and creative compositions to create striking images, imbuing each product with a little extra personality.

Every product range is different, and we tailor our creative approach to suit. Some of the projects we’ve worked on with Avon have required soft lighting, small plinths, and calm, neutral colours. Others have been large-scale, requiring full set builds, a bevvy of carefully selected props, and colour combinations.

As with our product photography, Creative Still Life shots are delivered fully colour matched to ensure the product as bought matches the one seen in the brochure or online.

If you’re interested in using Creative Still Life photography to show off your products, or have an idea for your product range, we’d love to hear from you.