Mustard Advertising Concepts

In 2023, Amplitude developed a marketing campaign for Mustard, a leading insurance comparison site. The primary objective of the campaign was to showcase Mustard’s quick and efficient service for van drivers while incorporating the brand’s iconic mustard color in a fresh and non-cliché manner. We aimed to create inclusive creative that resonated with dyslexic and neurodivergent drivers, who represent a significant portion of the van owner sector.

Understanding the Market

To start, we undertook extensive research to thorough understand the van driver market. We built audience profiles and analyzed market data to identify the specific needs, pain points, and preferences of van owners. Our research revealed that speedy service was a crucial factor, and that van drivers were more likely to choose a provider that catered to their unique requirements promptly.

Concept Development

Armed with valuable insights from our market research, our creative team brainstormed a range of concepts to bring Mustard’s campaign to life. The central challenge was to incorporate the iconic mustard color without resorting to obvious clichés like mustard splats (which had been used in previous campaigns).

We wanted the campaign to stand out and establish a distinctive identity in a competitive market. We went through several rounds of ideation before settling on our Mustard Pit Crew concept. Mascots are commonplace in the insurance market, bringing life to an otherwise very dry topic. The Pit Crew does exactly this, and will easily carry forward into TV, Digital and radio as the campaign develops in the future. 

Inclusive Creatives for Dyslexic and Neurodivergent Drivers

Recognizing that dyslexic and neurodivergent drivers constitute a notable portion of the van owner sector, we made inclusivity a priority in our campaign. Our creative team went the extra mile to ensure that all ad visuals, text, and design elements were dyslexia-friendly and accessible to neurodivergent audiences. This approach not only demonstrated Mustard’s commitment to inclusivity but also resonated with a broader audience base.

The adverts were delivered in both print and digital formats, ready to go into magazines and website advertising slots. We’re looking forward to developing our partnership with Mustard over the coming year, and can’t wait to see what else the Pit Crew gets up to.