Northampton Borough Council

Amplitude has worked on several campaigns with Northampton Borough Council, including a night-time safety campaign and their #SaveLivesNoKnives campaign.

NBC first contacted Amplitude to discuss creative concepts for a campaign designed to promote night-time safety across the town centre. Amplitude and NBC developed a concept designed around promoting positive behaviours for safety – rather than using blame culture or scare-mongering techniques. This type of campaign was more likely to have positive impact on the target demographics (primarily 18-30 year olds).

We developed a group of cartoon characters – Jack, Chloe, and the guys. These characters were portrayed in a range of situations to deliver the campaign’s key messages. The campaign was delivered using print, flyers, battery packs, large format pieces, and in-situ pieces across the town centre, in taxis, bars, and clubs. The campaign was also backed by an animated social campaign.

Amplitude worked with NBC on campaign materials for the #SaveLivesNoKnives campaign in 2018, producing infographics, social media images, and other materials. The campaign was successfully delivered to 20 schools in 2018, and continues to be rolled out.

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