Rebrand – Studio 53

Studio 53 is an independent hair salon that came under new management back in 2021. The new owners wanted to bring the salon and it’s branding up to date, but were concerned that a dramatic change may alienate their existing clientele. That’s where we came into the picture.

The challenge was to increase footfall and attract new, younger customers, whilst maintaining the ‘regulars’, many of whom belonged to a more mature age range.

Research into local competitors and discussions with Studio 53’s new owners proved invaluable when understanding the salon’s existing position within the market, and where they want the salon to sit in the future.

This research into the Studio 53’s market and target audiences informed our design proposals, influencing our proposed moodboards, colour palettes, deliverables, and strategy suggestions. We presented several concepts to Studio 53’s owners, refined based on their preferences, then finalised the concept.

With the concept was signed off, our designers got to work creating logos in various styles and colourways, building signage, window decals, business cards & letterheads, social media profile imagery, social media post templates, overhauling the website, and assembling a library of useful stock imagery. You can see some of our efforts below:

Studio 53’s owners were thrilled with the new look, and the salon’s new branding helps it stand out to passing motorists. The brand successfully balances a heritage feel with a more modern colour palette and imagery, appealing to younger audiences without alienating the existing, more mature clientele.

Alongside this rebrand, we developed a strategy report that detailed options and ideas for further developing Studio 53’s brand in both a visual and practical sense. This included mural concepts, PR exercises to conduct with other local businesses, and even suggestions on how to get existing customers involved in the transition from old to new, giving them a sense of ownership and belonging.

Finishing off the rebrand was a one-to-one consultation with our branding and marketing strategy experts. We talked through the strategy report in detail, and advised Studio 53’s new owners on how to get the most out of the assets we’d created.