Children’s Safety Animations – West Northamptonshire Council

In 2022, West Northamptonshire Council partnered with Amplitude to make a series of animated videos to help educate 10-to-11 year old children about personal safety. These would be delivered to schools from October 2022 onwards, and would cover topics ranging from knife-crime and gangs to fire and water safety, rail and road safety to mental health.

We interviewed experts to learn about each topic, and came up with video scripts for signoff by our council representatives and experts. Alongside this, we concepted visual styles, researching into cartoons and animated shows loved by our year 6 target audience.

We conducted focus groups in local schools with 10-11 year old children using draft scripts, storyboards, and sample animations, finding out what they thought of the characters, messages, and stories.

Then, with feedback from stakeholders and focus groups in mind, it was on to animating each video in full and capturing voiceovers for each character.

By the end of the process we had seven videos, each approximately five minutes long, all fully animated and voiced. Client feedback was brilliant, and the safety videos were rolled out from the start of the next school year.

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West Northamptonshire Council