Skillshare – Hannah Argyle

Hannah Argyle is a photographer, stylist, and content creator living in Northampton. She runs a popular photography blog, and her work has gained her over 200k followers on Instagram.

Hannah approached us in 2021 looking to produce a photography course for distribution through SkillShare, with the aim of helping people of all skill levels develop their photography skills.

We worked with Hannah to turn her syllabus into an hour-long course split across multiple videos. Each video would feature a mix of piece to camera footage, cutaways from local outdoor locations, and over-the-shoulder footage of Hannah demonstrating camera settings and techniques. A voiceover – provided by Hannah herself – would narrate throughout the course, teaching students the fundamentals of lighting, composition, camera setup, and editing.

The videos were filmed on location in Hannah’s home studio, and at Delapre Abbey in Northampton. We filmed the narrative pieces first, with Hannah following a script to ensure every element she wanted to cover was addressed. Following this, we captured cutaways and over-the-shoulder shots to illustrate the points being made.

With filming finished, we moved to editing. Each and every shot was colour graded to ensure tone and feel was consistent both between shots and with Hannah’s photography style. Finally, we added motion graphics to introduce Hannah, and to illustrate important points throughout the course.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the course, or sign up to take it yourself, head over to SkillShare. And if you’ve got a skill you’d like turning into a beautifully filmed, easily-digestible video series, please get in touch.

This shoot was carried out in a Covid-safe manner, with social distancing, regular hand and equipment santitising, and masking measures adhered to throughout.


Hannah Argyle

Hannah Argyle is a self-taught photographer from Northampton. Her beautiful, natural photography style has helped her amass a following of over 200k people on Instagram.