Real Imagination – SGA Productions

In 2021, SGA Productions – an award-winning themed entertainment powerhouse – decided to overhaul their brand. They came up with gorgeous new brand colours, added technicolour blobs to create a real sense of fun within their brand, and asked Amplitude (that’s us!) to create a video that both unveiled their new branding and explained their offering.

The challenge? With much of their current work under NDA, we had a limited amount of recent portfolio content to pull from.

So, rather than creating a video with lots of blank spaces, we pitched the idea of taking the viewer on a journey through SGA’s BRAIN SPACE, showing the process SGA uses to design their themed entertainment experiences.

This idea came off the back of several fact-finding exercises with SGA stakeholders. These exercises helped us refine the message and tone of the video, with us pulling out key phrases and words to include. We came to understand SGA’s philosophy and story, which meant we could brainstorm concepts that would both WOW the viewer and convey the message.

From here, we created several script treatments, a storyboard, and a 30-second sample animation to show the look and feel we had in mind. The video would begin outside the brain space, presenting a viewer with a few key messages to set the scene. Then we’d delve inside the brain space. Here, SGA’s signature blobs and icons came to represent ideas, and we filled a few with the portfolio shots we had available.

The narrative then moved on, breaking SGA’s process into three well-defined sections: Imagine, Produce, Realise. We used copy, animation, showreel footage and stock to illustrate each concept, ensuring the message came across even without oodles of portfolio content to draw from.

Right from the off, SGA were delighted with the video, and any refinements were pretty minor in scope. We took their feedback onboard for the final version, and we’re pleased as punch to present it to you now. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


SGA Productions