Karen Timson Fine Fragrances

Karen Timson Fine Fragrance was the first ever recipient of an Amplitude Media Catapult Session. For those not in the know, the Catapult Sessions is an initiative aimed at giving back to the local small business community. Each month, we’re providing one small business or individual with free marketing consultation, content, and advice.

In the case of Karen Timson Fine Fragrance, this meant a report full of market research, marketing strategy, and social media advice. We included customer profiles, branding advice, and advice on how even small companies can create the large-name luxury feel so easily attained by massive companies.

Alongside the report, we provided a suite of product images to be used on the KTFF website and social profiles. More on that in a moment, but first, press play on the video below to go behind the scenes:

The photography we provided fell into two categories: Product Photography, and Hero Photography. In doing Product Photography, we supplied KTFF with consistent imagery for all the products in her ranges, ensuring her website Shop page would look neat, organised, and easy to navigate.

The Hero Photography showed ranges of products in their best light. These were mainly intended for use as website header images, grabbing the viewer’s attention the moment they landed on the KTFF site.

Karen Timson, owner of KTFF (funnily enough) was delighted with the result. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what she said:

“I’m absolutely blown away by all your effort, commitment and consideration and can’t thank you guys enough.”

If you’d like help with your photography, branding, or marketing strategy, please get in touch. Or, click to find out more about the Catapult Sessions.