Product Photography – Avon

Amplitude has been a trusted supplier of product photography to Avon since 2015, and our photography has been featured in Avon’s magazines and on their website.

While we aim to vary the styling of the Creative Still Life photography we produce for each product range, consistency is key for product photography. Each product is shot on a white background using previously-agreed angles and compositions. This consistency means products from different ranges can be shown next to one another in magazines or website shops without the page looking confused or cluttered.

The compositions, angles, and lighting used in Avon’s product photography were developed and agreed upon in partnership with Avon. With each new type of product added to their ranges, we create new compositions in line with those already agreed, and review all compositions periodically to ensure Avon’s product photography evolves with their brand.

If you’ve got some products you want showing off in their best light, we’d love to hear from you.