Amplitude Creative Days – Behind The Scenes

Every now and again, we like to use our creative skills to do something for ourselves. We make sure everything with our clients is in hand, then we step away from our inboxes and head to the studio. We call these Amplitude Creative Days. It’s an opportunity for us to let our imaginations run wild, experiment with new studio setups, and learn new things we can use to help our clients. Here’s a short peek behind the curtain at one of our creative days.

The Setup

As well as making sure we’ve got all the equipment we need to film and photograph, we also go shopping for props. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of orange. Orange clothing, orange backdrop, orange feathers, orange… oranges.

We wanted an orange backdrop for this photo-focused creative day. Our studio is currently undergoing renovations, which meant we had to get a bit creative with hanging our backdrop… clipping it to a beam worked a treat!

With the backdrop in place, the next job was setting up the lights and cameras, perfect jobs for our Creative Director and resident photo-expert, Chris. The final piece of the puzzle is our model. Shannon is a long-time friend of Amplitude who you might recognise as one of The Fugues.

The Fun

Now comes the good bit. We unleashed all of those creative ideas and props in one place to see what we could come up with.

Amplitude Creative DaysAmplitude Creative DaysAmplitude Creative Days

The Edit

Once the shoot is finished and the equipment is safely away, it’s time to edit. We edit mainly for colour and contrast, making sure we’re showing our subject or model in the best light. Editing might also include creating gifs from a series of images, or cropping and adding text to make a feature image for a blog post.

Amplitude Creative Days Gif

Of course, this is just a simple overview of what went into one of our creative days, but stay tuned to the blog for posts covering what goes into a photoshoot in more detail.

Interested in some photography of your own? Get in touch and let’s see what we can do.