Amplitude joins the Content Marketing Association

We’re proud to announce that Amplitude Media is now an official member of the Content Marketing Association! This is something we’ve been looking forward to for a while, and we’re pleased to be able to slap the red CMA badge on our website footer.

The Content Marketing Association (or CMA, which is less of a mouthful) is the industry association for marketing, publishing, advertising, and social agencies. They encourage the use of content marketing and content innovation through year ’round education-focused events.

Great! We get a shiny CMA badge, but what does that mean for you, our clients?

Well, it means a number of things, all of which are good.

Firstly, being members of the CMA gives us access to a huge number of educational resources, from seminars and workshops to full training courses. We love levelling up, and all of this is knowledge and experience we can bring to client projects. We get better at the stuff we love, and you get even more bang for your buck.

Secondly, we’re now governed by the CMA code of practice. We won’t go through everything it includes here, but the general gist is that we guarantee to complete work to the highest possible standard in an ethical and professional manner. This is, of course, something we have always aimed to do, but now we (and you) have it in writing.

Like the sound of working with this newly-accredited creative marketing agency? Get in touch. Let’s see how we can help drive your business forward.