Boomtown Plants 48,000 Trees

Boomtown Fair holds a place close to our hearts. Amplitude Media, along with Madame Electrifie (our MD Jo’s alter-ego), has worked with the fair before. We formed part of the production team from 2013 to 2017, managing set design, production, theatre and walkabout performances, and music programming. We’ve got some great memories of Boomtown (some of which you can see below), and we were thrilled to see they’re jumping on the eco-train too. They’ve just announced that they’re planting one tree for every ticket sold. EVERY. TICKET. SOLD. That’s 48,000 trees!

They’ll be announcing more campaign information in the coming days. Take a look at their blog for more info, and check below for pictures from our sets at previous Boomtown Fairs. Find out more about our own tree planting initiative, or get in touch.

Boomtown Photo - Couple in the old west

Boomtown Photo - Old west man wielding crutch

Boomtown photo - A group of festival goers outside the old west general store