Want buckets of great content even during lockdown? Here’s how:

It’s been a weird year, hasn’t it? Social distancing, constant sanitising, masks, lockdowns, all of it has made work in a lot of industries far more difficult. And the creative industry is no exception:

Model shoots have been hard (at times impossible), film crews have been stripped back, and creative collaboration has moved online. Given that most industries rely on creatives for their adverts and social media content, many have been left starved of great content.

This is where we come in. And where cats come in. Bear with us. We’ll explain:

Oodles of Great Content

During the first lockdown, we found that the only kind of shoot we could carry out safely was product photography. Even outside lockdown, these are the safest shoots, as they require few people on set, and product handovers are contactless.

Knowing this, we invested a lot of time developing workflows to get huge amounts of great content from even small numbers of product photos.

From a single product photo we can produce animations, films, parallaxes, and gifs. We can insert that product into existing model, lifestyle photography, or campaign photography, creating something new that your audience hasn’t seen before.

Being the quirky creative industry that we are, we’ve decided to demonstrate this through the medium of cats:

What can we do for you?

The video above showed off just a few of the methods available to us; we’ve got a lot more up our sleeves! We’d love to talk to you about any ideas or requirements you’ve got. Is there something you’d like to make? We’re all ears.