Hummingbird Drama Productions – Catapult Sessions

Hummingbird Drama Productions – run by Helen Clifford – was the third company to benefit from being part of the Catapult Sessions. Helen specialises in drama and performance coaching, and drama facilitating.

Ordinarily, Helen helps organise and direct drama performances, and offers one-to-one coaching sessions for performance and public speaking. As you can imagine, however, with lockdowns and social distancing, there hasn’t been as much opportunity for business as usual.

That’s where we came in.

Communication Coaching

We know from working with our more corporate, London-based clients, that there’s ample opportunity for Helen’s kind of coaching in the corporate world. Even now, with whole offices working from home, events haven’t stopped, nor have sales presentations. They’ve just moved to a new medium, and people will need help from individuals like Helen to adjust.

We developed a strategy for Helen that would see her advertise her services to corporate clientele. The Catapult package also included tweaked logos, and advice on improving her website. We spoke with her about using LinkedIn to reach this new, corporate audience, and developed animated intros for the videos Helen produces.

Helen’s new corporate coaching service – named Hummingbird Communication Coaching – would serve a more business-like clientele, offering guidance on public speaking, presenting, presenting to camera, and more. This strategy takes the current home working situation and uncertain future, and runs with it.

The Personal Approach

One fear people often have in moving or expanding into a corporate audience is that they’ll lose the personal touch. That’s why we included advice on talking to a corporate audiences without losing your personality. Helen’s personality and creativity will be an asset in the corporate world, so we definitely don’t want her to lose it!

This Catapult session ended up being more about strategy than delivering new assets, which was fine by us. Writing new strategies is as much a part of what we do as producing shiny new photos and videos.

We can’t wait to see where Helen takes Hummingbird Drama Productions in the future.

Get Flung

If you’d like to apply for your own Catapult session, click here and fill in the application form. You must be a freelancer, sole trader, creative or small business with 4 employees or fewer to take part. And you’ll need to be based in Northamptonshire. Other than that, we’d like permission to feature you on our blog (like this) and to talk about the project on social media. We’re already looking forward to hearing from you.

If you’d like to contact us about anything else, then please head over here.