Melissa Takes Over

Hi, my name is Melissa. I’m currently studying Art, Photography and Psychology A Levels at Northampton School for Girls. I particularly enjoy Photography because I am able to express myself creatively and create images that tell a story or perfectly capture a moment. I have been given 8 days placement here at Amplitude Media for work experience.

Jar Jar Gif

During my time at Amplitude I hoped to explore a range of new things and gain insight into working in the creative industry, as it is something I’m interested in doing in the future. That’s exactly what they let me do. In the past week I have shadowed people around the office, been assistant at an Avon shoot, done some databasing, searched for stock footage, and had some time doing photography in the studio.

Avon Shoot

The Avon shoot was a completely new experience for me and it was really interesting to see the process of the shoot. It was a “walk-on walk-off” shoot, with a model modelling Avon’s fashion line. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was lovely, and a doggo was there one day. He was a cutie.

A Galaxy Far Far Away

In my final week with Amplitude, I spent a few days in the studio with Chris setting up my own shoot. I took pictures of Avon product boxes to help get an eye for product photography. There are loads of Star Wars figures around the office, and I had some at home, so I decided to do a shoot using those. I staged scenes with Jar Jar, Luke, and some Ewoks and figured out how best to light them. Then I moved the figures between each shot so I could turn them into gifs.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Amplitude Media and it has inspired me to me to look for careers in the creative world.