Millie’s Marketing Blog – The First Two Weeks

I’m new to Amplitude Media, so let me introduce myself. I’m Amelia, and I’ve joined as an apprentice, starting my career in digital marketing. Before getting this amazing opportunity, I studied my A-levels at Silverstone UTC, where I received a BTEC in business studies and found my passion for marketing.

When I was preparing for my interview for Amplitude Media, I realised it was the place for me. The clients, the head shots, and the blogs made me feel instantly connected with everyone there. I also saw the office dog, Ralph, who I knew I had to meet! So I worked and prepared for my interview, and a week later they said the position was mine. This was the best news I’d heard in a long time!

I could waffle a lot longer about my experience before receiving this good news, but I think it’s time to move forward…

Wednesday 9th September 2020

This is a date I will never forget. The first time I stepped into the studio to start my dream job working in marketing. I don’t think I had been that nervous in a long time but, after getting in and being greeted by everyone with a smile, I calmed right down. On the first day, I started at ten in the morning and finished at five thirty, but it went by so fast it could have been 2 seconds (this feeling still hasn’t worn off).

The Studio!

My first day started with a team meeting about everything that was happening and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! These 5 people worked enough that if someone heard what was happening they’d believe there were 30 people. It was so amazing to hear how all of their projects came together.

But what’s the apprenticeship all about?

So on paper, in 18 months I will have a level 3 Digital marketing apprenticeship. But, if I’m honest, it will be so much more! After only 2 weeks, I have knowledge of the digital marketing side of businesses. I’ve been scheduling social media posts and researching competitors for client projects. Alongside this, I’ve been picking up the role of a PA for Jo (the MD), researching the music industry, and learning how to write appropriate social media responses (which isn’t as easy as it sounds). If this is after two weeks, I think I’ll be more than just a digital marketing apprentice when I finish.

Since my first day

Although I’ve discussed vaguely what I’ve done so far, I feel like more detail is in order. Some things have been re-occurring, such as research for blogs and music PR, whilst other areas were new everyday. On my second day, I learned the importance of storyboards in the process of coming up ideas. This is a useful technique in the early stages, as it helps visualise the final outcome and helps others see what each person had in mind before people go away and do loads of work. Another thing I learnt is why the LinkedIn profile summary is important. These are what people see when they first come onto a profile, so it’s the perfect way to show people who you really are.

I also learnt why we need soft shadows on photos. This sounds so small however it helps a photo feel complete and look real. I’ve scheduled posts for social media, emailed clients, and helped catalogue Avon stock, ensuring we know which products are in the studio and which to prioritise. This week, I also worked on the ‘Your Planet, Your Choice’ certificates clients receive after working with Amplitude.

I’ve loved every second of this journey, from having my own desk with a plant (which we call Terry), to listening in on big client meetings to get to know how the company works behind the scenes! I am where I am meant to be.

In the next coming weeks I will be helping with product photography in the studio and seeing how it all comes together. I can’t wait to explore this wonderful world and reflect on how far I have come, which wouldn’t have been possible if Amplitude Media hadn’t given me this opportunity.

Terry the Triceratops