Trailblazers – International Women’s Day

Throughout history, technological achievements and advancements made by women have often been downplayed or undervalued. Trailblazers aims to rectify this, by showcasing some of the women who have contributed significantly to the technology we all use in our daily lives.

Take part in the Trailblazers event for International Women’s Day

On Saturday 7th March, as part of Northampton’s International Women’s Day 2020 celebrations, you can take part in Trailblazers, an interactive quiz trail around Northampton town centre. The route will be launched at 11am at the Guildhall, which is also the first location. The route is circular, but you can join in at any point.

Using your phone, go to on the day to take part.

As you approach each location on the route, the website will pop up with a profile of a female pioneer. You’ll also get a quiz question relating to each woman and how her work shaped the products and technologies we use today.

At each location, you’ll meet one of the region’s current female pioneers showcasing their innovative work, from painting in VR to user research about accessibility. You’ll have the chance to get ‘hands-on’ with new technologies and ask questions.

Find out more about the locations and who you can meet on the day: