Lockdown & Beyond: Change as a Creative Force (Webinar)

Coronavirus and the lockdown it’s caused might end up fundamentally changing the way a lot of us work. And we’re not just talking about working from home more often!

Throughout history, stress and adversity have led to changes in creativity. With limitation often comes innovation. We’re talking new art movements, new genres of music, even just new ways of thinking.

We’re partnering with the Content Marketing Association to deliver a webinar talking about exactly that. We’ll look at what’s happened in the past, how change affects our brains, and how you can train yourself to respond positively to change so that it doesn’t curb your creativity.

Our very own creative mastermind Chris Lowe is the one who’ll be guiding us through it all. Chris has experience in almost every creative discipline there is, and teaches photography at the University of Northampton. We’re really looking forward to hearing what he’s got to say.

Join us and the CMA next Thursday (28th May) at 2:30pm.

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