Making Our New Studio – Part 1

It’s coming. Our new studio space in the heart of Northampton is due to open at the beginning of May, and we can’t wait! Along with the studio come shiny new offices and a meeting room where we can plan creative with our clients.

For the last few months – since the studio closed for renovation – we’ve been operating out of a small office, making use of nearby facilities for our film and photography shoots. From April we’ll be bringing film and photography shoots back in-house, as well as hosting events for local businesses and creatives.


How’s the new studio coming along?

To be honest, right now it looks a mess, but we’ve made lots of progress in the last few weeks. Partition walls have gone up, electricity has been installed, insulation added, and we have the beginnings of a kitchen.

We’ve also been busy scouring local second-hand shops (reduce, reuse, recycle!) for the furniture we’ll be placing around the office. We’re creating our own conference table from reclaimed wood and scaffold, where we’ll be able to present our clients with carefully considered concepts. Once the walls have had a fresh coat of paint (don’t worry, we’re leaving the brick), we’ll be working with a local artist to paint a mural by to welcome our clients and visitors. This is something we loved about our last studio, and we’ve been missing it something fierce!

Keep and eye on the blog over the next few weeks for more updates.

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