Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We’re always looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint. It’s pretty small already, thanks to the nature of our business and the 2000 Trees Initiative, but we’ve taken more steps towards carbon negative in the last month or so.

First and foremost, we’ve switched our electricity supply to Clear Business. Clear Business is a services provider for SMEs, and the electricity they provide comes from 100% renewable energy sources. That means that every joule of electricity that passes through our circuits comes from a renewable energy source, like solar, wind, or hydroelectric. It was surprisingly easy to switch, and they gave us a fancy certificate for doing so. Take a look at the Clear Business website to see whether it could work for your business too.

Secondly, we’ve invested in a big batch of Who Gives A Crap loo roll. All of their rolls are made from environmentally friendly materials, including bamboo (which grows like the clappers) and they donate 50% of their profits to charitable causes. Which causes? Well, most of that 50% goes to building toilets for those without. It’s not just a comfort thing; it also helps improve hygiene and health for those on the receiving end of shiny new porcelain thrones. Find out more about Who Gives A Crap (and order some for yourself) on their site.

Not long now until 2020, and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled (as painful as that sounds…) for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint. These might only be small things, but they all add up.

Got any other eco-friendly ideas you think we could put into practice? Get in touch