This. Is. Amplitude.

A couple months back, the Amplitude team assembled to create a video dedicated to showcasing who we are, what we do, and to coincide with Amplitude’s 10th birthday. We wanted to condense our passion, skills, and personalities into one, visually appealing video that’s easy to watch and understand.

Being an award-winning creative agency isn’t just about making shiny things or having a pack of furry friends in the office. It’s about tapping a network of amazing, outside-the-box thinkers, bursting with innovative ideas, to create spectacular campaigns for our clients. It’s about using business to give back to the environment, and giving more than two hoots about the planet!

How did we do it?

The video required a full team effort, from videographers and editors to project managers and writers. We started by designing a full storyboard showing how we wanted the video to look, complete with what we wanted to say and who should say it.

Next we filmed a rough video using our phone cameras so our videographers and wider team could get an idea of what the video would look like. This allowed us to figure out exactly what did and did not fit the flow of the video, which led to us removing a few scenes that just didn’t work.

We each brought props to be included in the middle section of the video, ranging from guitars and VR headsets to lightsabers and Harry Potter wands!

Next came the fun part: shooting the entire video from start to finish! We took the whole day to ensure we had the perfect take for each scene. After it was all finished, we handed it over to our talented editors and animators, who gave the video the shine it needed.

After a few days of editing and amendments, we then published the final version officially! We’re proud of how it turned out and the messages we got across. We think it shows exactly what Amplitude is, a creative, innovative agency full of incredible, capable people.

What’s next?

This video is just the beginning. We have a lot planned for 2023, including the next stage of our Your Planet Your Choice initiative. We can’t say too much just yet, but we can tell you that it involves the addition of another charity into the list of options! 

Like what you see? Drop us a line here. Let’s make some magic happen!