My time at Amplitude

Hello! And welcome to my final blog at Amplitude! It’s been exactly 14 months since I started as a Digital Marketing Apprentice here, and for my final piece of work, I thought I’d write a blog detailing my time at Amplitude.

I will be running through the most important things I’ve learned, whether that’s professionally or personally. Along with this, I would like to talk about some of my favourite moments over the last year!

My Introduction to the Industry

To tell the truth, Amplitude was not my introduction to the industry. As mentioned in my first blog, I actually had 2 apprenticeships before this one that ended in redundancy due to internal issues (mainly caused by the 2020 pandemic.)

In a way though, Amplitude was my introduction to the industry, as they were the first who were happy to keep me going to the end, teaching me everything I needed to know until I was ready to move on.

The knowledge I have gained is invaluable, coupled with the work experience I have gained. In some way, I owe Amplitude my career!

Of course I also owe it to myself, choosing the apprenticeship path over the University path was a difficult decision, though definitely the right one in the end.

The Amplitude Team

Of course I can’t write a blog about my time here without mentioning Amplitude’s heart and soul… The team! 

These guys are some of the most genuine, kindest and hard working people I know, and I have these guys to thank for everything I’ve learned here. Whether that’s life skills, editing work or research techniques, I’ll be happy if I turn out half as good as them.

There’s yet to be a challenge they’ve been unable to conquer. Even over the short time of a year they continue to push the boundaries of what they can do, and it’s been a genuine pleasure to be even a small part of it.

I can confidently say that I’ve learned more with these lot in one year than I did in 7 at school!

Knowledge and Experience

I’ve mentioned plenty of times now about how valuable the knowledge and experience I’ve gained is. Now, I’ll get into what that actually entails.

Firstly, Amplitude has given me a year of valuable work experience for me to brag about. During this time, I’ve been involved in plenty of campaigns and design projects… which I will also be bragging about!

A few of the most valuable pieces of knowledge I have gained include video editing techniques, Email Marketing basics, Copywriting advanced techniques, Teamwork and Communication skills, basic project management and more! 

All the knowledge and experience I’ve gained I will bring with me throughout my entire career, which makes me confident I have chosen the right path.

My Favourite Moments

My time at Amplitude hasn’t gone without its fair share of great moments. From exciting projects to games nights with the team, it’s all been fantastic.

One of the most iconic moments has been the SME awards night (which you may have seen glimpses of on our Instagram). I probably had more wine than I care to admit, but during that awards evening I truly felt part of a team. Not just a team of colleagues, but a team of friends as well.

The same goes for our Christmas celebrations, where Jo treated us to a trip to Gravity Social, where we had mini Bowling, mini Golf, mini everything! It was brilliant and definitely one of the most fun days of my life.

There were some great work moments as well. One that immediately springs to mind is our children’s safety animation project, where a few of us (myself included) were permitted to run focus groups at a few schools in town. The reason I liked it so much was because I hadn’t completed research of that nature before, so it was a great experience altogether.

There was also the “Are You Listening?” campaign. I wasn’t involved in this one as much as our animators and graphic designers, but it was incredible watching the campaign come to life and turn out to be (in my opinion) our most impressive project to date!

So Long

Well, this is where my Amplitude arc ends! This blog will be my final piece of work and a poetic one at that. It’s been brilliant from start to finish, and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’ll be keeping in touch with the team here and watch as the company continues to evolve.

However as far as work goes this is it! This is Tom Mayes Signing off, Goodbye!